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My favorite thing about looking back at my family photos is how they make me feel. They do more than show me what a given moment looked like, they bring me back to the way I felt in that instance. It is my goal to achieve that for my clients — to capture a feeling, to tell your story in the most genuine way, to preserve those in-between moments in which you are the truest version of yourself.

Lifestyle photography is about just that — finding art in the everyday. People are photographed in naturally occurring situations, rather than being posed in a studio. Personally, I like my sessions to take place at home.
no place like home
There are so many reasons why I choose to do sessions in my clients’ homes. When you are at home, you’re comfortable. Parents do not have to worry because you have everything you could possibly need (e.g. diapers, toys, possible outfit change, etc.), and children behave well because they are in their element. In my experience, relaxed parents + happy kids = the best photos. No one has to worry about being camera shy or the fact that they do not like to pose and smile. “At home” sessions result in photos that are truly representative of who you are as a family. And, bonus! This is where 95% of your memories are made. Why not capture them there?

Still not sure if this type of session is for you? View my portfolio or get in touch and we can chat!

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