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I am a photographer, mother, and wife living in Tampa, FL. My photography journey started a little over five years ago. I got my first DSLR after my husband and I got married and subsequently fell in love with the photographs that captured the intangible feelings of our big day. I wanted to document our whole life “like that”, so while we lived in the city, traveled, and enjoyed life as a young couple, I took photos like crazy, slowly learning the technical aspects of my camera. After the birth of our oldest son, I realized that all of these fantastic snippets of time that we live every day pass us by too quickly.
Attempting to create a record of our family and to capture my boys’ fleeting babyhoods has allowed me to develop my own method and style. My little ones are undoubtedly my biggest inspiration. But so many elements go into making a photograph. I am a lover of coffee, Anthropologie, and old houses. I’m trying to become a minimalist. I have a PhD in social science, and I know that my training very much impacts my art — trying to understand relationships, and connection, and to tell stories. I’m a dog person. Oh, and the rain. I love to listen to the rain. Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a little better. I can’t wait to meet you!